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How can we help you?

Customer Service is our top priority!  Put us to work to help you with your real estate needs.

Our firm provides services to Tenants, Landlords and Investors who are seeking:

  • Assistance with Finding & Negotiating Lease terms with a Landlord or their representative in Office, Industrial, Retail, Medical or Flex space.  In these scenarios our fees are paid for by the Landlord and no cost to a Tenant.
  • Help with Project leasing of Office, Industrial, Retail, Medical or Flex Properties.
  • If you need help leasing, renewing, selling or finding & buying commercial real estate we can help.  


Whose getting a good deal?  Assuming time is moving from left to right you can get a pretty good visual idea from the chart above when you should strike a deal.

There are a lot of dynamics depending on if you are a Tenant, Landlord or Investor who is buying or leasing, however the old adage of buy low, sell high holds true and everything else primarily depends on credit and your ability to get it.

Finding a good deal or value is achieved when you buy or lease prior to entering the full recovery stage of the real estate cycle.  Obtaining real estate below replacement cost or below a normalized lease price is ideal, but achieving such is not an exact science since the typical real estate cycle can vary from 3-5 years in length.

Put us to work to help you accomplish your goals and create value! 

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